18/19 & 19/20 Bookkeeping Books

18/19 Book

Printed version of the spreadsheet with the following pages:

  • Formula page (so you can add everything up correctly);
  • Summary Page (brings all the campaign page totals together);
  • 20 Campaign pages (1 for each campaign + 2 extras!);
  • Mileage Log (to log any mileage you do during the year).

19/20 Book

Bigger and Better than the 18/19 book, this is what you get:

  1. Setting Financial Goals for your Avon Business
    • 5 reasons why it’s really important to set financial goals
    • Step by step guide to setting your financial goals
    • Step by step guide to achieving your financial goals
    • How to develop a prosperity mindset
  2. Productivity and Time Management
    • Overcome procrastination with mini tasks
    • Do more in less time and have more time to yourself
  3. Bookkeeping your Business
    • Campaign recording sheets
    • Summary sheet
    • Video links and QR codes for easy access to the training
  4. Submitting your Tax Return
    • Step by Step Screenshot guide
    • Links to video


A4 Poster with an affirmation: “I am capable of achieving my financial goals”

Quick-view cheat sheet: “Time Management Strategies for Working Mums”


Delivery to UK addresses included

18/19 & 19/20 AVON Bundle
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